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stock22No matter what age or phase of life you’ve reached, you can get high quality, compassionate dental care. At DiSano Dental, we treat children, adults, and the elderly, all in one convenient location. Your entire family can be treated in our office, and each of our patients can enjoy a relationship with their dentist that can last a lifetime. We are excited to get to know you, and to tailor each of our procedures towards you as an individual at our family dentistry.

Your family dentist wants to provide you with exceptional oral health. We offer a full range of general dentistry services including:

TEETH CLEANINGS AND CHECKUPS | It is recommended for patients to come into our office every six month for teeth cleanings and a check up with your dentist. Dr. DiSano will make sure that your teeth and your smile are healthy. He will check for cavities and make sure that your teeth feel comfortable, and look great. Teeth cleanings remove the build up that has started to accumulate around your teeth. They help lower the risk of gum disease, and they keep your smile clean and fresh.

X-RAYS | At our office, we take x-rays of your teeth to check for any potential problems. We use high quality technology to make sure that your teeth are healthy. When there is a problem with your teeth, the earlier the problem is detected, the earlier it can be treated. The earlier a tooth problem is treated, the easier the tooth is to fix.

stock07AMALGAM FILLINGS | When you have a cavity, we offer safe and effective amalgam fillings. Fillings remove the decay and replace the affected tooth structure. Cavities can be painful and can lead to more cavities and future dental problems. With our fillings we can avoid these problems and help your smile feel clean, healthy and comfortable.

We also offer sealants, bonding, and non-surgical gum treatments. At our practice, we believe the best way to solve dental problems is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Our general dentistry practices are tailored towards prevention, and helping our patients enjoy fantastic oral health now.

To find out more, contact our office.

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