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Young woman smileTeeth whitening is one of our most requested cosmetic dentistry procedures. A brighter smile can brighten someone’s day and raise your self esteem and self confidence. Patients with whitened teeth smile more often and feel happier. Teeth whitening is fast, easy, and effective. You can come into our office today and walk out with more brilliant teeth.

At our office we offer multiple convenient whitening options to suit our patient’s needs. You can choose between our in office ZOOM! whitening, or passive tray whitening. We also offer professional strength white strips.

IN OFFICE ZOOM! WHITENING | With ZOOM! Dr. DiSano can whiten teeth in just one office visit. Our in office treatment is safe, effective and fast. When you come into our office, first we will provide protection for the other parts of your mouth like your gums and tongue using a plastic dam. Next the special gel will be painted directly onto your teeth. A special light will be used to activate the whitening agents in the gel. This whole whitening process can be completed in as little as an hour, and it will be completed with a flouride treatment. You can walk into our office with discolored teeth, and walk out with a brilliant smile that is up to ten shades brighter after one easy appointment. The whitening may brighten even more for the first few days after the procedure. ZOOM! is a fantastic options for busy patients who want to enjoy the benefits of whiter teeth fast.

PASSIVE TRAY WHITENING | With our special tray whitening procedure, patients will be given custom trays to take with them. Using passive tray whitening, patients can whiten their teeth at their own leisure in the comfort of their own home. Tray whitening is very affordable, and easy. Patients put a special gel into the trays and then wear the trays over their teeth for a few hours, or overnight. The process is more gradual, but yields equally stunning results. You can enjoy significantly brighter teeth in as little as three weeks. With tray whitening you will be able to track the progress of your tooth color and make adjustments if needed.

To find our more about our teeth whitening procedures call our office today. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have or to set up an appointment.

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